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creation & production

Brands are increasingly looking at creating a lifestyle around their brand to strengthen their relationship with the customers.

Perfume is one of these aspects, for the status it provides to a fashion brand.


We can then tailor-make your fragrance to match your brand’s DNA while making sure of it’s acceptability in the asian market, or by using our special fragrance database of fragance types previously sold in Hong Kong we can ensure the commercial success of the fragrances we propose.



Our trusted suppliers enable us to produce in China or in France depending of the cost and timing constraints.


The products available range from Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum to Home fragance, candles, room diffusers.


Several international players have already trusted us with their brand and enjoyed fantastic results!

Point of sale merchandising

To accompany the launch of new products, or nourrish the presentation of existing lines, our suppliers can provide any required support material with the best standards of quality and timing.


We can provide perfume displays, sample cards, paper shopping bags, gift sets, etc...


A direct route to market with the commitment of a dedicated team to support all marketing and sales efforts to establish and grow the brand in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as connecting with the right partners throughout Asia.

Welcome to a world created with lovely details, blushing fragrances and flirtatious touches….


Lollia was created by designer Margot Elena, an innovator of luxurious formulas and signature packaging for over a decade. Margot is well known for her first company, Archive, a well established luxury bath brand.

Drawing upon the success of Archive, Margot envisioned a new lifestyle company with a broad range of beautiful designs, offering a complete world of diverse and delightful products. Inspired by soft, sophisticated textiles and the warmth of lovely homes the Lollia look comes to life.

Welcome to an uncommon place, TokyoMilk,

Created by an uncommon designer, Margot Elena.
From the brilliantly paired fragrance notes founding the Parfumerie Curiosite,
To the edgy yet evocative sentiments conveyed through the stationary library,
To the collectable, little Art compositions of vivid imagery
In the world of TokyoMilk, you have discovered a space filled

With objects to desire and coveted treasures.
Margot Elena has searched the far corners of the world,
And ever time itself, for the scents, flavours,
Formulae and imagery to create this never before seen vision.
Times are changing. This is TokyoMilk.






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